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About Shared Decision Making

Shared decision making is the collaboration between patients and caregivers to come to an agreement about a health care decision.

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It is especially useful when there is no clear "best" treatment option.

The caregiver offers the patient information that will help him or her:

  • Understand the likely outcomes of various options
  • Think about what is personally important about the risks and benefits of each option
  • Participate in decisions about medical care

The decisions are hard because:

  • There is more than one choice
  • Each choice has advantages and disadvantages
  • There is no "correct" choice
  • What you choose depends on what is important to you

The Center for Shared Decision Making at Dartmouth-Hitchcock is the first patient-focused facility of its kind in the United States.

For more information
  • Our Decision Aid Library includes a video about shared decision making, Getting The Healthcare That's Right For You. The video provides an introduction to evidence-based medicine and shared decision making.
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