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Every time you take medicine, you reap the benefits of years of medical research. 

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Most people agree that research is essential for the development of new treatments and cures. For the victims of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, or heart disease, research can’t be done fast enough.

Hugo, an avid runner, suffers from a severe, painful form of peripheral artery disease.


Hugo participated in a clinical trial that used his own stem cells to grow new blood vessels, improving blood flow to save a dying limb. Hugo says he is "back to bicycling 45 minutes a day and the foot feels very good." Learn more.

Clinical trials are medical research studies that involve people. The goal of a trial is to develop new ways to prevent, diagnose, or treat illness.

Become a member of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock research team! You could help change the future of medicine.

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